29 April 2020


Lost the 1928 Daletas to a stem split, replaced it with a 915.4 olsen 19 (1911 Urena x 2363 Holland), that is why we start backups.

22 April 20


2416 Haist

5 April 2020


Planted 2 x 327 Kent and 2 x 253 Kent today. No electricity in this greenhouse, frost prevention will be strictly with candles.

Man facepalming


28 March 2020


L - R 1928 Daletas and the 2416 Haist have been transplanted to their greenhouses. Will be using heating cables, a small electric heater and 4 candles each plant to avoid frost damage. #NoLookingBackNow #GiantPumpkins


24 March 2020


Final prep for patch one, will be the home of the 2416 Haist, will  monitor temps for a week or so before I transplant the seedling. Here is a link to some videos.



1 March 2020



I do not pre-germinate seeds, file them and straight into starter soil. 5 days later the 2416 Haist, 1928 Daletas and as backup my 915 olsen (1911 Urena x 2363 Holland) are up and getting their first rays of sunshine.


19 Feb 2020


3 days and 6 hours after planting the 1st 327 Kent has germinated. Transferred to a bigger pot with mycorrhiza added to the root area. Good to see something positive happen after this mornings disappointment.

19 Feb 2020


After 3 days the first 253 Kent watermelon has germinated, unfortunately it was so aggressive that it broke off the cotyledons still in the seed coat, I dug the seed coat out of the soil with the cotyledons still in it. Isn't that special!



16 Feb 2020


Started the following today:

3 x 327 Kent Giant Watermelons

2 x 253 Kent Giant Watermelons

4 x 95.8" Olsen Long Gourds 

1 x Giant Tomato I grew last year, about 1.5 pound


Into the incubator they go! 2020 season has started!

15 February 2020


Big day, checked my grow lights and they survived the winter, turned on my reptile incubator that I use to germinate seeds and it is set at 30C and looks like it is fine. Tomorrow start my watermelon seeds, 2020 season is started. Tomorrow seeds see dirt, get some of that!

28 October 2019


After the season is before the season.


What seeds to grow next year? (favorite winter pastime).


- Long Gourd my 95.8

- Field Pumpkin my 65.7 

- Watermelon 327 and 253 Kent 

- Backup Atlantic Giant is my 915 Olsen 2019 (1911 x 2363) 

- Primary Atlantic Giants at this time 2416 Haist and 1928 Daletas 

***Might change 20 times..LOL