Olsen's Giant Pumpkins

2023 Season Results


- 97.2“ Long Gourd Weingarten 1st Place

- 84.6” Long Gourd Gartenschau 1st Place

- 94.8 lb Watermelon Gartenschau 1st Place

- 83.8 lb Watermelon Weingarten 1st Place

- 44.5 lb Field Pumpkin Weingarten 2nd Place

- 302 lb AG Weingarten 10th Place


2022 Season’s over went to 2 weigh offs.


Watermelon – 91.3 lbs – 1st Place

Field Pumpkin – 63.1 lbs – 1st Place

Long Gourd – 90.8” – 1st Place

Watermelon – 105.8 lbs – 1st Place

Field Pumpkin – 83.8 lbs – 1st Place (New Personal Best)

2021 Season is over, didn't go as planned (frost, voles, exploding pumpkins) my glass is always half full, introducing the 577.2 olsen 21* (1935.5 Jutras 19* x self). This was one of the crosses I wanted to secure squash seeds for next year so I am happy. Use the contact button if interested in squash seeds.


2020, what a year.

Giant pumpkins did not work out as I expected, but, my long gourd and watermelon made up for that. Set a new PB and state record with 108.9 pound watermelon and a new PB with a 123.8 inch long gourd. 


Interested in growing any of my crosses? Use the "Contact" button and let me know.