Olsen's Giant Pumpkins

2022 Diary is started, link above. No giant pumpkins this year. Concentrating on field pumpkins, watermelons and long gourds.

Season is over, didn't go as planned (frost, voles, exploding pumpkins) my glass is always half full, introducing the 577.2 olsen 21* (1935.5 Jutras 19* x self). This was one of the crosses I wanted to secure squash seeds for next year so I am happy. Use the contact button if interested in squash seeds.


2020, what a year.

Giant pumpkins did not work out as I expected, but, my long gourd and watermelon made up for that. Set a new PB and state record with 108.9 pound watermelon and a new PB with a 123.8 inch long gourd. 


Interested in growing any of my crosses? Use the "Contact" button and let me know.