7 September 2018


1302.5 dayn 75 and 90, I now have the 10% light buffer covered to get over 1000 lbs so I guess I can't complain, 15 days to go.

7 September 2018


298.5 Lindley dayn 59 and 69, slowing down a lot now but still gaining a little bit, a chance at 100 lbs is still there but I really don't care, this melon has been the highlight of my season.

6 September 2018


1173.7(a) day 90 estimated at about 1000 lbs which is nothing to tweet about but that color.

4 September 2018


Visited Michls patch today, pictures from 17 August and today, looks like he is going to give me some competition this year, and I think that is fantastic, I think this is a PB for him! Seed is the 1173.7 olsen 2017.


28 August 2018


1302.5 day 80, slowing down to a crawl but starting to get chunky.

28 August 2018


298.5 Lindley day 49 and 59, we have blasted pass the 85 lb mark. Still 25 days to go, hopes are very high that we can get to 100!

27 August 2018


1173.7(a) day 80 still putting on 6 lbs a day.

23 August 2018


298.5 Lindley day 49 and 54. I smashed through the 75 pound mark so my initial goal of 50 pounds has changed to 100. I am gaining between 7-9 pounds every 5 days so this will be a nail biter. #NeverKnewWatermelonsAreSoMuchFun

23 August 2018


1302.5 day 65 and 75. Neither of my pumpkins are developing lots of ribs so I am not sure if I have a balloon or a boulder. I haven't taken a picture from the stem end but I can tell you this one has big shoulders. #WhatDoBigShouldersMeanHmm

22 August 2018


1173.7(a) day 75, I am very happy with how this pumpkin has had steady growth. At day 75 last year (my best year), I was down to 5-6 pounds per day, this year I am still getting over 10 pounds, a shame it did not have those big 35-40 pound days mid-season.

18 August 2018


1302.5 day 60 and 70, starting to fill in, very happy with this seed, 35 days to go and even though I do not expect a new PB subtracting my typical 10% going light to chart I should still get over 1000 lbs.

18 August 2018


298.5 Lindley day 39 and 49, the growth has slowed down over the last 10 days but it is still steady. I did not prepare the area it is growing, it was more of a "let's see what happens" idea, I am amazed. #PlanningForNextYear

17 August 2018


The 1173.7(b) stopped growing 2 weeks ago so I decided to harvest it today. As is typical with my #GiantPumpkins lately it went light to chart. This pumpkin had all the genetics to go heavy, I guess that is just my fate. Estimated at 768 pounds and is now the 684.5 olsen 2018 UOW.

13 August 2018


1302.5 day 65, I am hoping the ribs will develop more, 40 days to go and I need every pound I can get.

12 August 2018


1173.7(a) day 65, all is not lost in my patch. This one is still growing, slowly, but growing. I have never grown a #GiantPumpkin for a nice color but this one sure looks nice.

11 August 2018


1173.7(b) has stopped growing, hmm, I wonder why?  LOL

9 August 2018


Visited Michls patch today, here is a time lapse from 22 July and 1 and 9 August. These are both from my 1173.7 from last year.

8 August 2018


1302.5 day 50 and 60, going from 5 to 10 day measuring intervals is not helping this one grow faster but at least I can see the difference...LOL

7 August 2018


1173.7(a) day 50 and 60, at the beginning of this season this one was the runt of the litter now it's starting to look like a body builder. Still a long way to go until I will be satisfied.

2 August 2018


1173.7(a) day 50 and 55, I haven't measured this week but unlike its sibling I can see the changes to the pumpkin and the skin is still very young, no signs of aging, the color is also getting better.

29 July 2018


298.5 Lindley day 24 and 29, still growing, have hit the 50 pound mark. Never expected this, would have been happy with that number at the end of the season now everything that comes is just icing on the cake.

29 July 2018


1302.5 day 45 and 50, as with the 1173.7(a) it is filling in nicely. Have decided to stop 5 day measurements and go to 10 day.

28 July 2018


1173.7(a) day 40 and 50, 10 days ago I had pretty much given up that this one would ever start to fill out, surprise, it is probably doing the best of any in my patch and has a nice color to boot.

26 July 2018


1173.7(b) day 45 and 50, starting to fill out so I really can't complain considering that this plant has been hit hard with powdery mildew. Adding that one to my list of excuses...LOL

24 July 2018


Long gourds are getting there.

24 July 2018


298.5 Lindley day 16 and 24. Still growing though slowly, hard for me to judge the progress because I have never grown a before.

24 July 2018


1302.5 day 40 and 45 the hat is getting smaller but only because I stood further away from the pumpkin for the day 45 picture...LOL

23 July 2018


1173.7(a) day 45, getting tight around the stem and vines. A very short stem.

21 Jul 2018


1173.7(b) day 40 and 45 still growing but it's like watching grass grow, I guess I am spoiled from last year.

19 July 2018


1302.5 day 40, really like the shape of this pumpkin.

18 July 2018


1173.7(a) day 35 and 40, had its best 5 day growth spurt but I am not convinced yet that it has turned the corner, we'll see what we have in 5 days.

16 July 2018


1173.7(b) day 35 and 40. The only positive thing I can say is that the growth has been consistent. I believe that I have hit the top of the bell curve for daily weight gains, only thing left now is to hope for the best.

14 July 2018


298.5 Lindley, day 14, 30” circumference.

14 July 2018


1302.5, day 30 and 35, only averaging just over 20 lbs per day but I do like the shape, starting to get a blocky look.

13 July 2018


1173.7(a) day 35 Stating the obvious this season is not going as I expected. My goal was a new PB but now I will be happy to get one over 1000 lbs. I am not disappointed, so many variables, not sure which one(s) I missed except not growing proven seeds.

9 July 2018


1302.5 day 30, slowly picking the pace up.....very slowly. LOL

8 July 2018


1173.7(a) day 30, slowly starting to pickup the daily gains. Don't really have high hopes for this one but the color is decent.

6 July 2018


1173.7(b) day 30, missed my 30 day goal of 300+ pounds by 1 pound. Prepared my patches just like last year but am underperforming compared to last year. Now I need to rely on the pumpkins to go heavy compared to the chart, good luck with that…LOL

4 July 2018


1302.5 day 25, I know this one wants to take off; it is doing way under its potential. Today I capped all vines; nothing else is growing on this plant but this pumpkin. The next 5 days will tell the story for the rest of the season.

3 July 2018


1173.7(a) day 25, nothing special happening with this pumpkin except the color, hoping it will go orange.

1 July 2018


1173.7(b) day 25, 26 pound gain since yesterday, needs to pick up the pace very soon. All vines have been capped; the only thing that should be growing on this plant right now is this pumpkin.

29 June 2018


1302.5 day 20, this one is running a tight race with the 1173.7(b) pumpkin and has damn near the same shape and color, I guess that even though they are reverse crosses that is one of the traits of crossing the 1756 and 2145.

28 June 2018


1173.7(a) day 20, slowest grower and has a completely different shape and color then its sibling.


26 June 2018


1173.7(b) day 20, steady growth so far but nothing to tweet about………

24 June 2018


Pics of my 1302.5 which is the 1756 Howell/Jolivette x 2145.5 McMullen day 10 and 15 after pollination. The reverse cross of my 1173.7. Specifically made these crosses to get some heavy genetics. The 1302.5 & 1173.7 both went light to chart we will see what their offspring does.

23 June 2018


Pictures of my 1173.7(a) pumpkin at day 10 and 15 after pollination. Compared to (b) sibling which is going in the tall round direction this one appears to be going long. Much too early to make any real predictions but I enjoy trying to imagine what the shapes will be in 30 days.

21 June 2018


Here are pictures of my 1173.7(b) pumpkin at day 10 and day 15 after pollination. My pumpkins never start off fast but this one is picking the pace up now, as the saying goes it is not a sprint, it is a ultramarthon. I do like the shape.

9 June 2018


1302.5 olsen x self, 14’ 4 lobes.

9 June 2018


1173.7(b) decision has been made, I culled Plan A and will go with Plan B. Decided that the need for fresh new vegetation late in the season outweighed having a set pumpkin early in the season. Hope this does not come back to bite me.

8 June 2018


1173.7(b) problem child. Has a short stem and wants to land on top the main vine. Had a curve in the MV but the pumpkin just moved with it. Two choices, cap the MV right at the pumpkin, or cull the pumpkin and go with the back up. I will make a final decision in the morning.

8 June 2018


1173.7(a) x self, 12’, 5 lobes. This pumpkin is in a perfect position to the main vine, unlike my 1173.7(b) set which is developing into a problem, more to that in a couple days.

6 June 2018


1173.7 olsen(b) x sib, 15’, 5 lobes. This is a backup pollination that hopefully will not be needed, the 3 June pollination appears to be growing, will know if it is set in 3-4 days.

3 June 2018


1173.7 olsen(b) x 1302.5 olsen, 13’, perfect 4 lobes. Going all in on this one so I have already removed the set at 11’. Have another one at 15’ that will be used as a backup.

31 May 2018


1173.7(b) is my best plant so far this season, starting a curve in the main vine to set up the position of the expected keeper pumpkin.

31 May 2018


1302.5 is my worst plant so far this season, the 3rd thru 5th side vines did not form normal, after that everything seems to be good to go. It is a good thing that I got a early start this year so that I expect by the 3rd week in June to have enough plant to support a pumpkin.

30 May 2018


1173.7 olsen(b) x self, 4 lobes, 11’ from crown, I have 2 more at 13’ & 15’ which are my main targets but don’t want to take a chance in case they are deformed or if I do something really stupid.

21 May 2018


Spent 90 minutes today burying vines and pinching off tertiaries. At the time of the plant growth if I take 2-3 days off things will get out of control.

20 May 2018


Things are coming along just fine, will need to start burying vines very soon.

15 May 2018


1302.5 olsen has a pumpkin growing, I will not be pollinating this one but I will let it proceed to flower so that I can see how the stem develops, the shape of the pumpkin and position to main vine, how many lobes it has and if there is anything else that should be noted.

13 May 2018


1173.7 olsen(b) my best plant right now, main vine has grown over 3’ this week and the first couple side vines are 3-4’. The plan is not to pollinate early but to have a much bigger plant when I do.

6 May 2018


1302.5 olsen backup plant is doing well, main vine about 4-5’ but the side vines are slow in developing, all plants are about 3 weeks ahead of last year

6 May 2018


1173.7 olsen(a) is a good plant, main vine is about 3-4’ and the side vines are developing normally

6 May 2018


1173.7 olsen(b) is a solid plant, main vine is about 3-4’ and the side vines are doing great, first ones are over 1’ in length

26 April 2018


This is what happens when you “urge” a main vine down too much. When it was warm I adjusted the main vine down without problems, overnight it got cold and the vine tried to grow up and out, as a result it committed This is how you learn to go slow with vine adjustments.


That is why backups are a must have. This is the same seed 1302.5 olsen. It is root bound but I’d rather have a root bound plant with a main vine then one without. You can grow a on a secondary vine but it is just not recommended

22 April 2018


Starting the process of urging the main vines to lay down a delicate process that only should be done when it is hot outside so that the vines don’t snap. Will take about a week, they are between 8-12” long right now. From L to R my 1302.5 olsen, 1173.7 olsen(a) & 1173.7 olsen(b)

13 April 2018


Today was the big day. Placed my 3 primary plants into their greenhouses. I have attached the weather forecast for the next 16 days. If I don't get a jump start on the season I will not be able to blame the weather.

8 April 2018


Primary plants are doing well. Backups are getting there. Weather is holding. All things are looking like I will be placing them out in 1 week.

1 April 2018


Started 18 more giant pumpkin seeds. I have infected 3 more friends to grow again this year and supply them with the seedlings. I will also use these as emergency backups for myself and anyone who should need them should a catastrophe occur.

1 April 2018


Transplanted the seedlings to bigger pots and added WOW Super Starter Paks and WOW Mycorrhiza. Put them in a outside greenhouse on a heating pad, they will stay there for a week or so to start the hardening off process.

27 March 2018


Weather forecast is looking very good, if the prediction stays true I will be planting 3 weeks earlier then ever before.

25 March 2018


All 6 of my primary and backup seeds are in varying stages of germination. If I had not been growing these giant pumpkins the last 18 years it would be hard to understand how these little seedlings can produce a pumpkin over ½ ton in 6 months.

17 March 2018


Starting 3 of my 1173.7 olsen 17 (2145 McMullen x 1756Howell/Jolivette) & 1302.5 olsen 17 (1756 Howell/Jolivette x 2145 McMullen). This is 2 weeks early but if the weather cooperates I will be using these in my competition patches. Pics of chamber with & w/o LED grow lights.

26 February 2018


Got 3000 liters of special compost and have started to spread it out today. Thank gosh for my Gator I am getting to old for this stuff.

19 February 2018


Third and final green house cover crop tilled in today. Will let all 3 rest for a couple of weeks and then work in about 1000 liters (one big bag) of a special compost per green house.

13 February 2018


Tilled in the cover crop of 2 of my 3 green houses today. The ground is very dry, amazing the crop grew so good. Here is the before and after of both green houses. Going to take a lot of water to bring the moisture level of the patches up to where they need to be.

21 November 2017


My 1173.7 is also 5/5 germinated so both my seeds look good and as you can see the LED grow lamp has kept my 1302.5 from getting leggy. The winter tests are all done, what do I do now? Drink beer, eat well and watch my Canadian friends chase a puck. Oh yeah,

12 November 2017


Testing my 1173.7 with 5 mature seeds, this is the reverse cross of my 1302.5 (2145 McMullen x 1756 Howell/Jolivette) should the test be positive that will be 2 seeds I grow next year.

10 November 2017


6 days later and the first true leaves look fine, the plants are not leggy the LED grow lights are doing great, another problem corrected. Best is that the 5th seed has germinated, 5/5 and that with half mature seeds.

4 November 2017


6 days later and 4/5 half mature seeds have germinated next we will see how the first true leaf looks like.

28 October 2017


So the 2018 season has started, 154 days before I even start the seeds I will use next year.


As you can see most of the seeds out of my 1302.5 olsen 17 are only half matured, bummer. But, this has happened before and it does not mean they are not good, also, enough of the seeds look good, not all, but enough.


So, I am going to do a test with the 5 seeds shown that are only half mature to see how or if they germinate.


At the same time this will give me a chance to test my new LED grow light, I have always had issues with plants getting "leggy" the first few days after germination hopefully I can fix that.


One step at a time, the soil has to be right, the seeds need to be right and I need one hell of a lot of luck. I am going all out, no holds barred.


2018 or never!

10 October 2018


All three patches have been cleared and tilled. I have sent in a soil sample for each patch. Today I planted a over crop of phacelia. Now I wait for the soil test results to come back and will make adjustments as needed.


The plan is to take another soil test in each patch in March but that will depend on how much I need to amend from the first test.