18 August 2021


After blowing up my 2183 Mendi there was only one thing left to do. Clear the patch, till the earth once and sow some mustard seed as a cover crop for next year.


The season ended early for this plant, but as it is said "After the season is before the next season" so I start preparing now.

7 August 2021


With all the problems this year has brought, I still have hope. This is not going to be the biggest squash I have ever had, or?


I have a long way to go and a short time to get there, hammer down!!!

6 August 2021


Shit happens!


If you're not blowing them you're not growing them.

31 July 2021


So, this season is not going well at all. Watermelon plants got hit with frost, killed 2 of them and the last one had the roots eaten by a mouse, so no watermelons. Long gourds also got hit with frost and I couldn't get any backups to germinate, so no long gourds. Tomato plants are not producing any mega blossoms so if I have any at all they will not be big. 2183 Mendi has a super plant, but the pumpkin is just not growing as expected, will be lucky to hit 200 lbs. Field pumpkin started off super then produce a soft spot on the blossom, I have been trying to keep it dry so that it will scab over but the growth has gone way down.


That leaves my 1935 Jutras squash. It is growing ok, no records here but I have a outside chance of a personal best. Here is a time lapse showing how it has decided to grow over the blossom end.

23 June 2021


1935.5 Jutras* x self, 17' MV, 4 lobes.

17 June 2021


2183 Mendi x self, 19' MV, 4 lobes.

13 June 2021


2183 Mendi has the female I want at 18', should be ready in 10 days or so. Plant is filling in nicely. Easy plant to maintain, recommend it to grow.

6 June 2021


2183 Mendi MV 15' SV 8', I will pollinate the next female, there is not one showing so the MV will be another 2-3'. I weed as the plant grows and bury vines looks good now.

2021 Growing Season - Going with all text till I have something interesting to take pictures of.

22 February


Started 2 pots of Dietrich Heavy Tomatoes with 3 seeds each pot.


26 February all germinated


8 March


Started Primary/Backup AG/Squash seeds

2114 Wallace 2018

2183 Mendi 2019

1935.5 Jutras* 2019

1407 Jutras* (Never germinated)


12 March Germinated

1935.5 Jutras*


13 March Germinated

2183 Mendi


14 March Germinated

2114 Wallace


20 March Repotted all pumpkin seedlings started watering with MYC 4000



15 March


Started Long Gourds

3 x 95.8 olsen LG 2019

3 x 123.8 olsen LG 2020


22 March 2 x 95.8 germinated


31 March Repotted 2 x 95.8 olsen


10 April None of my other LG seeds germinated, not a good start but at least I have 2 plants


31 March


Started 25 decoration gourds


3 April First 3 gourds have germinated.


10 April all have germinated


1 April


Long Gourd and Field Pumpkin patch prepared 

4 April


Started 3 x 89.3 Dietrich 20 Field Pumpkins and 3 x 108.9 olsen 20 Watermelons


7 April all watermelons germinated


8 April all field pumpkins germinated

5 April


Started backups, all seeds that I don't need will get planted by friends.



1838 Jutras * x 2

1807.5 Holub *

1701 Jutras *

1511.5 Haist *

915.4 olsen x 3


10 April 1 x 1838, 1701 and 915.4 germinated

11 April the rest have germinated


7 April started 4 x 915.4 olsen backups in incubator


10 April 2 x 915.4 germinated

11 April the rest have germinated

11 April


All 12 of the backup AG and Squash seeds have germinated. Repotted the watermelon and field pumpkin seedlings.

13 April


Transferred the 2183 and 1935 to their patches, way to early but my own fault because I started way to early again! Will protect with a heater and candles, TGFB (thank gosh for backups)

15 April


Started 2 x 3.5 Dietrich heavy tomatoes

17 April


The 2183 Mendi on the left and the 1935 Jutras on the right seem to have adjusted to their new home in the outside greenhouse. Now we hope the weather maintains and we get lucky.