22 September 2023


Tomorrow load up the 1537 Crews 22 going to a weigh off in Weingarten. Won't be heavy but a good looking AG.

17 September 2023


15th Gartenschau Weigh Off in Kaiserslautern.


Congrats to Matthias Wuersching 1605.8 lbs, Stefan Kobel 1119.1 lbs and Bjoern Dietrich 991.2 lbs.

20 August 2023


Started 5 plants, 13 pollinations, 3 LGs grew, 1 started rotting at 80" was removed, plants are beat up the last 2 have slowed down from L to R 85.5" and 96.2" which is the second best I've ever grown, will I get to 100"?

12 August 2023


LGs L to R EST 81" - 78" - 89", 153.9 Graeter EST 80 lbs.

2 August 2023


From L to R, 70" - 71.5" - 75"

29 July 2023

28 July 2023


L to R my 105.8 olsen and the 153.9 Graeter, 25 DAP and 30 DAP. On track for a new PB.

28 July 2023


2537 Crews 5 days growth, I must have really messed up my soil preparation this year.

28 July 2023


10 days of Field Pumpkin growth, nothing special but steady.

18 July 2023


37 olsen FP.

18 July 2023


Three 90.8 olsen LGs.

18 July 2023


105.8 olsen Day 10 and 15.

18 July 2023


153.9 Graeter Day 10, 15 and 20.

10 July 2023


Day 10, 11 and 13. I've never had a watermelon grow this fast.

9 July 2023


Another LG will be ready in the morning, I have collected the males to make this happen.

9 July 2023


Six days difference and the FP is starting to fill in.

8 July 2023


Yup, definitely set, one day difference.

7 July 2023


Well it's taken long enough but I think I've finally got one set on the 153.9 Graeter 22.

4 July 2023


The LG trellis has never looked this good on the 4th of July.

3 July 2023


Time lapse showing the progression of the 2537 Crews. As usual for me not going to break any records but I like the shape.

2 July 2023


2537 Crews is looking good, has some aphids but not real bad, I remove leaves when they get infested.

1 July 2023


First long gourd pollination, 90.8 olsen x self/open. Got 3 on the same plant in perfect position, only one will make it. Decision has not been made.

29 June 2023


First watermelon pollination today  this is the 153.9 Graeter 22 x self/open.

29 June 2023


The temps are rising fast, this is just a couple hours after starting Soil Solarization and it ain't even hot today.

29 June 2023


1953 Daletas RIP


The aphids have won the battle. The only chance I have to grow next year i this greenhouse is Soil Solarization.

25 June 2023


Watermelon green house today, despite shade tarp and fan circulating air had 104F high temp today. Plants are doing well, no sets yet, at least none that I've found.

17 June 2023


I'm not impressed with how the first pollination on the 1953 is going so I pollinated another, MV, 18', 1953 x 2537. I know this is not a "best practice" thing to do, eventually I'll need to make a decision, hopefully one of the pumpkins will make it an easy one.

13 June 2023


2537 Crews 22 (2365 Wolf 21 x 300 Crews 21) x 1662.3 Wuersching 22 (1885.5 Werner 19 x 2183.7 Mendi 19) this is my only chance on the MV if it don't set, no MV for me.

12 June 2023


Was only a matter of time. 2537 committed suicide overnight. Luckily 3 feet after a female that will be ready tomorrow. My only chance to get one on the MV.


10 June 2023


1953 Daletas 20 (2114 Wallace 18 x 2624.6 Willemijns 16) x 1662.3 Wuersching 22 (1885.5 Werner 18 x 2183.7 Mendi 19), 13‘ MV, 5 Lobes

9 June 2023


Road trip today visited Matthias Wuersching in Einhausen to get some male flowers for my 1953 Daletas that will hopefully open in the morning. 140 miles, but worth it, got mega males. 

5 June 2023


Big day, buried lots of vines and the growth looks good. Weather is outstanding.

31 May 2023


The 2537 is an aggressive plant, too aggressive. Picture left is at 08:30, 70F, no way I was getting the MV to lay back down, so I closed the greenhouse doors, by 11:00 it was over 90F at 13:00 the MV was softer and I got it to lay down. Another trick to avoid a horrible sound.

27 May 2023


The long gourds are having a good start this year.

27 May 2023


Today I started to bury vines on the 1953 - left and the2537 - right.

22 May 2023


Years ago installed GH to keep the temps above 25C, last few years I had 45+ during the day in the GH, so what to do, throw money at it and install a shade net, 7 meter x 14 meter. I will never recover the cost via weigh offs but the plants enjoy it and it does save water.

19 May 2023


I've had double MVs, ribbon MVs also, but I've never had a normal MV with double SVs. Welcome to the world of my 2537. Good news is that it has laid down and hit the ground.

17 May 2023


The 1953 Daletas has decided to lay down at about 3', the 2537 Crews, also 3' still hasn't hit the ground.

14 May 2023


2537 has a very aggressive thick main vine, about 2 feet long today. Of course it has it's own mind and doesn't want to gently lay down this is going to take patience, and we all know how much patience AG growers have.

9 May 2023


Today 5 LGs, 4 Melons, 2 FPs and 2 BGs got planted.

1 May 2023


The 1953 Daletas and the 2537 Crews have been planted, let the fun begin.

20 April 2023


After a really bad start to the year, the last 3 days all hell has broken loose. Total germinations:

- 2 AGs

- 6 Melons

- 5 LGs

- 3 Bushel Gourds (Store seed variety :{)

- 4 FPs

29 March 2023


Green house soil has been amended and tilled.