2022 Growing Season

10 September 2022


Picture left is 24 August when things started to slow down, picture right is 10 September. I got advice to use liquid fish and seaweed fertilizer, never got back to an inch a day but the growth has been very steady the last 3 weeks. Thanks for the advice.

19 August 2022


First long gourd has stalled, was going really good and then pulled the emergency brake. Over 90" so still not bad. Got another growing on a second plant, not growing fast but steady.

19 August 2022


Last 2 watermelon plants are doing well. Still healthy as they have some shade during the day and the record temps didn't get them. Sitting around 80 lbs with plenty of time to grow till the weigh off.

16 August 2022


This is what record setting temperature does to watermelon and field pumpkins. Ripe early and small.

9 August 2022


The long gourds are starting to slow down, still have 46 days but will need steady growth for me to be happy. L to R 90" and 81".

9 August 2022


These are my last 2 watermelons. They are still growing and actually bigger then the ones that had stopped growing. The plants are also still healthy, the sun didn't get them as they get some shade during the day.

6 August 2022


Harvested these watermelons today, quit growing a week ago, just too damn hot. UOW from L to R, 43, 41, 37 and 35 lbs.

4 August 2022


96.9 Andres 80" and 76" respectively.

31 July 2022


26, 29 and 31 July, the 96.9 Andres is doing just fine.

30 July 2022


107.8 Crews field pumpkin has stopped growing but the good news is that I am measuring a new PB.

26 July 2022


The first 2 pictures show what happens when your best LG is not growing from the top of the trellis, the 3rd picture shows a couple that have chosen to do it correctly.

17 July 2022


Two long gourds in perfect position.

15 July 2022


107.8 Crews is about 35 days old and has matured and growth has slowed down to a crawl. Good news is I am measuring a new personal best.

15 July 2022


Watermelon plants are doing just fine.

10 July 2022


These are the chosen melons, 2 on each plant. Going to let them grow a bit and then will need to make 2 very hard decisions.

8 July 2022


Growing my 108.9 olsen 20 total of 4 plants. Here is a time lapse from 2, 5 and 8 July of one of my watermelons.

4 July 2022


DAP 20 for my 107.8 Crews, CC is 65" and I am measuring a PB, still dark green, hoping for 20 more days of growth.

4 July 2022


The long gourds are starting to fill up the trellis, should be pollinating in the next week or so.

3 July 2022


Watermelon plants are doing well and I have a couple melons growing. Appear to be nice long ones, guess we'll see.

26 June 2022


Growing giant watermelons is never easy in Germany. Here is a picture of 2 of my plants. The seeds are from my 108.9 pound watermelon from 2020. Perfect conditions in Europe is the weather in Spain, Italy and Greece. I am using a greenhouse and lots of luck to get the right growing conditions. This greenhouse will be full of plant when the watermelon is growing. Wish me luck.

26 June 2022


This picture is from 21 June, my field pumpkin plants are growing well. Field pumpkins grow quick, after pollination they will only grow for about 45-50 days, but in that time will gain weight between 60 and 150 pounds. The world record is about 211 pounds, going to give it my best. Wish my luck.

27 June 2022


Here are some pictures showing how fast field pumpkins grow. This is one I am growing this year. They are left to right taken on 16, 21 and 27 June.