12 April 2024


Watermelon green house, 400 liters perlite before tilling and after. Looks like I need to till again to get better mixture.

11 April 2024


1,800 liters of horticulture grade perlite arrived today. This should be the final addition/amendment to my patches.

2 April 2024

1 April 2024


Two pumpkins and four watermelon have germinated. Transferred to 2 gallon grow bags with myco and azos added.

Over the winter I bought a John Deere tractor built in 1968. In great condition for 56 years old and the front loader can lift 3000 pounds. I bought it for one reason.

20 February 2024


Started jalapeno seeds a week ago and 8 from 8 have germinated. A good sign. Maybe I should stop while I am ahead?